Hey Guys...

2016-11-13 23:21:36 by Jocked

I'm back, and not as autistic as I was before! I've recently starting practicing to animate. I've also practiced voice acting since I gave up on this account (since 2014). So, I think that's pretty much it! I'm back... and I'll see y'all later. Peace!



2014-10-22 17:16:35 by Jocked

coming soon.


2014-09-20 01:58:26 by Jocked

I Havent Been On Newgrounds In A While.

Paul (PJE13) And I Are Making A Project Coming Soon.

See Ya Lataz


2014-01-23 13:16:39 by Jocked


Made a Loop

2014-01-16 16:19:48 by Jocked

Made a Basic Loop. Took Me 20 Minutes to Make. Go check it out.


Click Here ---> http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1356985

I just need people for my collab.

Leave a comment down below if you want to join me.

I'm on Newgrounds!

2013-11-01 01:32:01 by Jocked

Hey guys, Jocked here and now i'm on Newgrounds! There will be animations coming soon.